Coordinating the care of acute and chronically ill members is challenging when care teams struggle to know where members receive care. Minnesota-based South Country Health Alliance’s vision for the transition of care of hospitalized members is to proactively plan for member needs post-discharge and facilitate a positive care transition. Unfortunately, South Country did not receive timely notifications for a portion of hospitalizations. South Country set a goal to receive 100% of hospital admission notifications to facilitate positive transitions of care and prevention of readmissions. To achieve this goal, the South Country team needed access to up-to-date information about member admissions, discharges and transfers (ADT). This webinar provides an overview of the real-time HL7 ADT messaging program put in place at South Country including the:

  • Current and future state of IT platforms at South Country Health Alliance
  • Community Care Model and HIE implementation
  • Process of working to get better data for ADT messaging
  • Implementation and action with ADT messaging

Download Improving Patient Health Through Real-Time ADT Integration Case Study